Taller Fino logo. Each of the "Fino" letters is made of a tool: vernier caliper, hydraulic piston, hose and a nut, in yellow colors with dark gray and black accents.
Taller Fino ("fino": fine, skilled, smooth) is a well-known, best-of-its-kind mechanic shop, specialized in heavy machinery, hydraulic systems, lathe and welding.
Together with the owner, known as Fino (who is an incredibly smart, resourceful and funny professional), we came up with the idea of using their most used tools and parts to shape up the name. From his drawing, we defined a brand that not only represents the mechanics of the business, but the owner's personality.
“Excellent. What impressed us the most was the great skill of making the logo and the speed.”
— Taller Fino
Hand-drawn draft of the Fino logo.
Different logo versions for the Fino logo.

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